Design, Innovation, Interior Green

Client: Mendix
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Year: 2020
Project: Mendix Rotterdam Office
Collaboration: CBRE Netherlands, Hydrozorg


Mendix, where ‘thinkers become makers’ is a positive energy IT workplace for both left and right minders. On one hand, this is a space for the creative/dynamic/young, while on the other it’s a space for innovative/progressive/digital.

The office area of covers. 6.500 m2 of both new and existing spaces between the 5th and 6th floors of ‘De Rotterdam’.


Of the interior greenery, MOSS worked closely together with the design team of CBRE to realize a true green escape in the middle of the work floor. This indoor jungle provides a variety of resting places, either for one person, or for a few. This green zone is a safe haven, to take a break and have a mini nature-bath before diving into the next big challenge. Taking moments in like this in greenery are proven to improve productivity.


Throughout the work-floors, green dividers have been built up, so that from every desk greenery is visible. We also chose especially air-cleaning plants to make this a truly green office.