Green Architecture, Interior Green

Client: JetBrains
Location: Munich, Germany
Year: 2020
Project: JetBrains Munich
Design & Build: D/DOCK

Collaborations: Gruschwitz GmbH,


“Developer tools for Professionals and Teams – Code is our Passion.”


Since fifteen years, JetBrains has been striving to make the strongest and most efficient developer tools in the world. The work of Jetbrains enables developers to work faster and more focused on the big picture by automating receptive tasks. “Clean” and “quality” are two words to describe the work of JetBrains. Now JetBrains employees nearly 1000 employees over 6 offices and works with 1,5M customers around the world.


The JetBrains’ Munich office is growing rapidly, employing around 130 developers, marketers, designers, and administrators. With Munich being a green-friendly urban, it’s time we take the green inside for the office! At MOSS, we have been asked to play a role in the process impactful biophilic solutions to add to the concept of a healing office.


The office is 7 stories and 12,000 m2. MOSS’s green layer design is carried out through:

– Level 00 – Haus 03; Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor)
– Level 01 – Haus 03; Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor)
– Level 02 – Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor)
– Level 03 – Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor)
– Level 04 – Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor)
– Level 05 – Haus 04; Haus 05 (Indoor + Outdoor)
– Level 06 – Haus 04; Haus 06 (Indoor)


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