B. Amsterdam Roof

Design, Green roof, Urban Farming


Client: B. Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam

Production: GrownDownTown

Year: 2016

Project: Outdoor green and Hrbs. garden

Photo Credits: Jakob Drenth in association with Stijl No.7


At the edge of the pond you will find a small mint meadow with eight different flavors of mint. Our green roof design also includes a Mediterranean herb garden as well as a variety of 15 different vegetables around the old Trabant. This 1750 m2 of intensive greenroof has fruit trees, shrubs with fruits, grapevines and an edible flower meadow. The green on the roof is fertilized with homemade worm compost from the Worm Hotel. The 10 chickens are fed using scraps from the kitchen, providing fresh eggs for immediate use. Everything from the roof is recycled and used on the premises by the kitchen staff.