Green Architecture, Green roof, Landscape Design

Client: Florisse Binckhorst B.V. and Aroundtown Holdings B.V.
Location: The Hague
Year: 2019
Project: B-Proud
Collaboration: Local, OZ Architect


“The center, as we now know it, is changing and growing rapidly. The skyline too. It is two proud towers richer. Be Proud The Hague!”


B-Proud marks the location as the new entrance to the city of The Hague and is set up as a vertical city where people can live, work, shop and relax.The project balances public and private with gardens on all flat roofs.


The Binckhorst region in the Hague is a pilot of the Environmental Plan. In anticipation of the National Environmental Vision, the municipality of The Hague, residents, entrepreneurs and market parties are working on innovation in spatial planning. B-PROUD is happy to seize that unique opportunity!


MOSS has been asked to bring Nature Inclusive Design to the forefront at B-Proud. Roof terraces, green balconies, and lush atriums will be the homes to local biodiversity, and biophilic spaces for urbanites to connect with nature.